IMLS Fellow & Graduate Research Assistant

IMLS Fellow & Graduate Research Assistant | 2008 – 2011 | Drexel University

  • Worked with Dr. Michael Atwood & Dr. Xia Lin at Drexel University’s iSchool.
  • Developed an online Drexel iSchool PhD Portal ( for PhD students
  • Managed HTML content migration and design for Internet Public Library ( redesign.
  • Researched and developed a digital collections repository website for identifying, evaluating and recommending freely available public digital collections
  • Researched conceptual and mental models and their representations

ipl2 Website Redesign

I worked on the ipl2 redesign team from 2009 – 2010.  My research and worked focused on the design and content migration for the new website.  The new website launched in January 2010.  Post-launch work in this area focused on enhancing the design and content.

Role: IMLS Research Fellow
Project Goals: Redesign the Internet Public Library website ( to enhance user experience and take advantage of newer technologies, and merge content acquired from the Librarian’s Internet Index (LII).
Project Dates: 2009 – 2010
Responsibilities: work on the visual and experience design, develop HTML prototypes, work with IPL manager to handle HTML content migration from old system to new system, and manage content implementation throughout process.

iSchool PhD Portal

The iSchool PhD Portal was developed and implemented during my first year as an IMLS Fellow.  It builds on earlier research to provide iSchool PhD students with an online space to communicate throughout the PhD process.

Project Goal: Design and build a portal website ( for Drexel iSchool PhD students based on prior IMLS Fellows requirements user research.

Project Dates: 2008 – 2009

Role: Researcher & Implementer (IMLS Fellow)

Responsibility: research content management and website platforms that would support collaboration, community and research, and can be implemented with limited resources and budget; develop content and  information architecture strategy; design and implement website on identified platform, including any additional features necessary to meet project goals.


Distance Learning Web Producer & Technical Lead

Distance Learning Web Producer/Technical Lead | 2004 – 2005| Kaplan Test Prep & Admissions

  • Produced online educational websites throughout the product lifecycle
  • Developed workflows, project plans, and quality assurance (QA) guidelines for production
  • Assisted ASP developers in enhancing the product delivery platform through the use of metadata development and helped with debugging systems and platforms
  • Managed weekly product pushes to 2 staging and 3 web servers to launch and update live products
  • Worked with team to develop a new Flash user interface for instructional content
  • Ensured integrity of content team’s product request through regular meetings and analysis
  • Assisted in the creation of VBA macro to convert word documents into XML compliant documents
  • Wrote technical documentation and user guide for Jasper platform, XML authoring, and content entry

HTML Developer

HTML Developer |1999 – 2004| Kaplan Test Prep & Admissions

  • Built online educational websites and was lead coder/developer on projects
  • Responsible for SGML & HTML, graphic creation, product functionality, and design implementation
  • Installed and tested document type definitions (DTD); convert schemas to DTDs
  • Negotiated with Real Networks to develop Real 10 for MAC OS X to better support products
  • Recorded, edited and developed audio/video online courses
  • Formatted content and work with vendors for Palm PDA instruction
  • Wrote technical documentation and narrative specification for quiz and instructional websites
  • Trained online coders/developers, content teams, and freelancers
  • Performed quality assurance (QA), and stress-test; proofread and edit finished content