A Visual Resume

Although the traditional resume/cv has a chronology, it is difficult to express overlapping work experiences in a way that shows multiple levels of engagement, particularly non-traditional and diverse paths.  As a reflective experiment, the traditional resume/cv is re-imagined in a way that turns chronology on its side.  It is a simple timeline that visually expresses work experiences sans bullet points.




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Job Rejections

Today’s job application process is badly designed, convoluted, and a test of sanity.  It is designed not to hire, but rather to check boxes and create negative experiences.  Going through the process, it is easy to notice that the systems and the humans don’t work well with each other.  The human-computer interaction is missing the user research necessary to make it useful and easy to use.

When thinking about job rejections, it is necessary to think about applications both as applying one’s self and applying to organizations.  In both cases, a decision occurs at a moment in time and space and can be visualized on a number line.

Number line

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Interview Glass Cube

I appreciate the short interview.  I understand the long interview.  

There are moments when you realize that the interview is like being arrested, getting locked in a room with windows and sitting at a table waiting to be grilled.  The room is really a glass cube centrally located for optimal viewing.  Imagine that glass cube in Times Square with people walking by on their way to do their jobs or not.  There are moments of stopping and staring through the glass, trying to figure out exactly what you’re doing in that glass cube.  They smile if you notice them and continue on their way.  Another passes and repeats.  You smile and think of things to do that will entertain.  Maybe you could do that hand trick you learned as a child, or maybe the mime skills you developed in college.  You could entertain.  It’s possible.

Someone offers you water.  You refuse the water. Guides say to refuse the water.  They continue to offer you water throughout your stay in the glass cube.  What do they think?  Do you look like you’re dying of thirst?  Did you really speak so much that you need to drink a glass of water each time someone comes or goes? It’s freaking crazy. You refuse the water and at some point after being asked for the fifth or sixth time, you accept. Yes, I’m going to drink the damn water. I’m going to get the glass of water and I’m going to love it! You don’t do this very often. Instead you do it once and realized that they didn’t really expect you to say yes. There’s no place to put the water. There’s no place to throw out the paper cup when you’re done. There’s the awkward moment when you’re drinking the water and the next person shows up. It’s a ploy. You’re unprepared and accidentally splutter while trying to regain your composure. Continue reading