Digital Collections Community

This was a collaborative project that focused on designing and developing a digital collection repository.  I designed and built the repository website, including making incremental changes to design and functionality to enhance the user experience.  The repository was used with Masters-level digital library students and taught them methods of adding collections with appropriate metadata and evaluation.

Digital Collections Website

Digital Collections Website

Role: IMLS Research Fellow & Implementer 
Project Goal:
Using Drupal, design and develop a digital collection system  that helps to create a community around digital collections.
Project Dates: 2009 – 2010
Responsibilityresearch user needs and an open-source platform that provide flexibility for online community building, design a website that is easy to use and create community, develop registration, content submission, editing, and management, and develop a recommender system.
Deliverable: Drupal Website

Recommender System Impact

Conducted an exploratory online survey of LibraryThing, a book recommender system.  The main goal of this research was to determine whether users were actually using the recommendations being offered by the recommender system and what do the users do as a result of using the recommendations.  The survey received 62 respondents and provided some valuable information regarding the need for user-centric research in this area.

Recommender System

Project Goal: Investigate the impact of recommendations on user choices and behaviors, focusing on a particular recommender system (LibraryThing).

Role: Researcher

Responsibility: following user-centered research process, develop an online user survey, acquire LibraryThing permission to conduct research with participants, administer user survey, analyze and report research results in a paper and presentation.

Presentation: myMETRO Presents: An Evening of Presentations by myMETRO Student Members  (5/18/2011).