Graduate Research Assistant

Graduate Research Assistant | January – December 2012 | Drexel University

  • Worked with Dr. Denise Agosto at Drexel University’s iSchool.
  • Conducted stratified random sampling of public and school libraries for national survey of youth services and technology use within libraries.
  • Researched teens use of technology as part of the Youth Online research group (

Drexel University, iSchool

Game Host | Girl Scouts (6th – 10th grade) Event (11/2010)

  • Helped with the development of an information science and technology game version of “Who wants to be a millionaire”
  • Co-host “Who wants to be a millionaire” girl scouts activity

Panelist  | A Guide to Success for Ethnic Minority Graduate Students (9/2010)

  • One of five panelists in a graduate orientation session for Ethnic Minority graduate students at Drexel University
  • Discussed how to navigate graduate school at Drexel as a minority student

Interviewee | ipl2 Website Launch Video (12/2009)

  • Interviewed about role in ipl2 redesign for ipl2 website launch video

Presenter | PHD Student Orientation (10/2009)

  • Presented on PhD program diversity at Fall 2009 PhD Orientation

Drexel University, iSchool Presentations

Developing an iSchool Community PortalPhD Student Orientation (9/2009)

  • With team, presented  to potential incoming doctoral students
  • Presented on diversity of the Drexel iSchool PhD program

Developing an iSchool Community Portal (9/2009)

  • With IMLS Fellows, presented on research to develop an online portal for doctoral students
  • Presented on the working website design and development

PhD Portal Reveal (5/2009)

  • With IMLS Fellows, presented on the launch of the PhD Portal website
  • Presented on the design, development and goals of the portal.

iSchool PhD Portal

The iSchool PhD Portal was developed and implemented during my first year as an IMLS Fellow.  It builds on earlier research to provide iSchool PhD students with an online space to communicate throughout the PhD process.

Project Goal: Design and build a portal website ( for Drexel iSchool PhD students based on prior IMLS Fellows requirements user research.

Project Dates: 2008 – 2009

Role: Researcher & Implementer (IMLS Fellow)

Responsibility: research content management and website platforms that would support collaboration, community and research, and can be implemented with limited resources and budget; develop content and  information architecture strategy; design and implement website on identified platform, including any additional features necessary to meet project goals.