Research & Strategy Consulting

User Research

  • Usability: we conduct heuristic evaluation and user tests with your end users to determine the usability of your product
  • Surveys: we can develop, run and analyze surveys specific to your product needs and users
  • Interviews: we can design, conduct and analyze interviews with your users
  • And more..

Competitive Market Research

  • Company Profiles: we research your competition and provide company profiles based on business intelligence and analysis
  • Product Analysis: we research current and future products in the market to determine how your product compares to the competition


We will provide  strategic recommendations grounded in research that will enhance your product.

Digital Product/Project Management & Technical Documentation

Product/Project Management

  • Full Project Lifecycle: we manage all aspects of projects from concept to launch, including vendors, freelancers, development, quality assurance, etc.
  • Product Documentation: we provide documentation of project goals, requirements, user stories, test cases and timelines

Technical Documentation

  • Requirements & Specifications: we document your high-level project requirements and we can also write detailed technical specifications as needed
  • Information Architecture: we analyze your website and provide documentation on structure and organization of your content.
  • User Guides: we analyze your product and write a user guide
  • Wireframe & Mockups: we can develop wireframes and mockups for your product

Digital Asset Production & Quality Assurance Testing

Digital Asset Production

  • Asset Production: we develop naming conventions and tracking, prepare, structure,  organize, and package all media assets for a project so that development runs efficiently.
  • Asset Creation: we can create answer keys, image and presentation assets
  • Asset Modification: we can make edits to media assets

Quality Assurance Testing

  • Baseline Testing: we test websites and mobile applications for overall functionality, content and design elements
  • Browser & Device Testing: we can test multiple browsers and devices as needed
  • Testing Plans: we review your site and provide testing plans