myMETRO Researchers Project: Landmarks Preservation

Sixth Street Embankment, Jersey City, NJ

Sixth Street Embankment, Jersey City, NJ

The Landmarks Preservation research group (Steve Essig, Catey Farley, Rini Hughes, Robin Naughton) is focused on the process of buildings and structures becoming landmarks, adaptive reuse, revitalization, historical preservation, and the impact of social, political and cultural influences on preservation.  Through our preliminary research we identified a need for a resource guide that will help new and existing preservationists navigate the intricate processes involved in preservation and adaptive reuse.  We met with the Embankment Preservation Coalition of Jersey City and offered our assistance.

Role: Researcher
Project Goal: Create an annotated bibliography that provides resources relating to historic preservation.
Project Dates: 2013
Deliverables: Annotated Bibliography, Visual Timeline, Presentation
Resource Links: myMETRO Researchers Project; METRO Library Council Tumblr

Visual Timeline

Timeline of the Harsimus Branch Embankment Preservation Project

Timeline of the Harsimus Branch Embankment Preservation Project

Landmark Preservation & Adaptive Reuse

Landmark Preservation & Adaptive Reuse Presentation

myMETRO Researchers Project Presentation (10/21/2013)

  • Presented to METRO audience on landmark and preservation
  • Discussed the research process and the resources identified


K-12 Competitive Market Research

Competitive market research projects focused on researching companies in K-12 teacher development, mobile educational technology, and eBook publishing.  Research also included exploring how companies in developing countries are using technology to address educational and publishing needs.

Role: Researcher
Project Dates: 2013
Deliverables: Research Summary, Company Profiles

Designing Public Library Websites for Teens: A Conceptual Model

Teen Drawing 1

Teen Drawing

My dissertation research, Designing Public Library Websites for Teens: A Conceptual Model, directed by Dr. Denise Agosto, explores teen library websites (TLWs), public library websites for teens, by investigating teens’ mental models of TLWs and designer models as embedded in current TLWs.  At the intersection of human-computer interaction (HCI) and TLWs, there are fewer studies focused specifically on the teen user group and their information needs than on adult and children user groups.  Although, chronologically, teens fall between adults and children, teen users have their own information needs and expectations that should be addressed in research and design of TLWs.  My research addresses this gap by building a bridge that can be used to design TLWs that respond to the information needs and practices of teens 13 – 15 years old.  The research study design included two major parts: part one focused on extracting information directly from the teen user through drawings and interviews; and part two focused on web content analysis of current TLWs.  Each part of the study specifically addressed the components used to develop a conceptual model for the design of TLWs.   Findings suggest that for teen users, we need to challenge some design assumptions that do not resonate with teens when designing TLWs.

Teen Library Websites (TLWs)

The Teen Library Website project focused on creating an online directory of public library websites for teens aka teen library websites (TLWs) across the US.  By understanding the current websites available to teens at public libraries, we can begin to understand how to better design these websites to meet the needs of teens.

Role: Researcher
Project Dates:
Research Activities: Card Sorting, Information Architecture
Deliverables: Website (

ipl2 Website Redesign

I worked on the ipl2 redesign team from 2009 – 2010.  My research and worked focused on the design and content migration for the new website.  The new website launched in January 2010.  Post-launch work in this area focused on enhancing the design and content.

Role: IMLS Research Fellow
Project Goals: Redesign the Internet Public Library website ( to enhance user experience and take advantage of newer technologies, and merge content acquired from the Librarian’s Internet Index (LII).
Project Dates: 2009 – 2010
Responsibilities: work on the visual and experience design, develop HTML prototypes, work with IPL manager to handle HTML content migration from old system to new system, and manage content implementation throughout process.

Digital Collections Community

This was a collaborative project that focused on designing and developing a digital collection repository.  I designed and built the repository website, including making incremental changes to design and functionality to enhance the user experience.  The repository was used with Masters-level digital library students and taught them methods of adding collections with appropriate metadata and evaluation.

Digital Collections Website

Digital Collections Website

Role: IMLS Research Fellow & Implementer 
Project Goal:
Using Drupal, design and develop a digital collection system  that helps to create a community around digital collections.
Project Dates: 2009 – 2010
Responsibilityresearch user needs and an open-source platform that provide flexibility for online community building, design a website that is easy to use and create community, develop registration, content submission, editing, and management, and develop a recommender system.
Deliverable: Drupal Website

Drexel University, iSchool Presentations

Developing an iSchool Community PortalPhD Student Orientation (9/2009)

  • With team, presented  to potential incoming doctoral students
  • Presented on diversity of the Drexel iSchool PhD program

Developing an iSchool Community Portal (9/2009)

  • With IMLS Fellows, presented on research to develop an online portal for doctoral students
  • Presented on the working website design and development

PhD Portal Reveal (5/2009)

  • With IMLS Fellows, presented on the launch of the PhD Portal website
  • Presented on the design, development and goals of the portal.

iSchool PhD Portal

The iSchool PhD Portal was developed and implemented during my first year as an IMLS Fellow.  It builds on earlier research to provide iSchool PhD students with an online space to communicate throughout the PhD process.

Project Goal: Design and build a portal website ( for Drexel iSchool PhD students based on prior IMLS Fellows requirements user research.

Project Dates: 2008 – 2009

Role: Researcher & Implementer (IMLS Fellow)

Responsibility: research content management and website platforms that would support collaboration, community and research, and can be implemented with limited resources and budget; develop content and  information architecture strategy; design and implement website on identified platform, including any additional features necessary to meet project goals.