Recommender System Impact

Conducted an exploratory online survey of LibraryThing, a book recommender system.  The main goal of this research was to determine whether users were actually using the recommendations being offered by the recommender system and what do the users do as a result of using the recommendations.  The survey received 62 respondents and provided some valuable information regarding the need for user-centric research in this area.

Recommender System

Project Goal: Investigate the impact of recommendations on user choices and behaviors, focusing on a particular recommender system (LibraryThing).

Role: Researcher

Responsibility: following user-centered research process, develop an online user survey, acquire LibraryThing permission to conduct research with participants, administer user survey, analyze and report research results in a paper and presentation.

Presentation: myMETRO Presents: An Evening of Presentations by myMETRO Student Members  (5/18/2011).

Brooklyn College, City University of New York

Instructor (January 2007) | Graduate Tools & Tips Workshop

  • Introduced students to ways that technology can help with daily graduate studies
  • Taught students online research, grammar and MS Office for writing graduate papers

Instructor & Research Assistant (2003 – 2004) | Graduate Technology & Writing

  • Created Graduate Writing & Technology Workshop course
  • Taught first generation graduate students how to use technology to enhance their graduate education and writing

Instructor (2002 – 2003) | English Composition

  • Taught English Composition to first year college students
  • Use Blackboard, learning management system, for online class work and assignments

Distance Learning Web Producer & Technical Lead

Distance Learning Web Producer/Technical Lead | 2004 – 2005| Kaplan Test Prep & Admissions

  • Produced online educational websites throughout the product lifecycle
  • Developed workflows, project plans, and quality assurance (QA) guidelines for production
  • Assisted ASP developers in enhancing the product delivery platform through the use of metadata development and helped with debugging systems and platforms
  • Managed weekly product pushes to 2 staging and 3 web servers to launch and update live products
  • Worked with team to develop a new Flash user interface for instructional content
  • Ensured integrity of content team’s product request through regular meetings and analysis
  • Assisted in the creation of VBA macro to convert word documents into XML compliant documents
  • Wrote technical documentation and user guide for Jasper platform, XML authoring, and content entry

HTML Developer

HTML Developer |1999 – 2004| Kaplan Test Prep & Admissions

  • Built online educational websites and was lead coder/developer on projects
  • Responsible for SGML & HTML, graphic creation, product functionality, and design implementation
  • Installed and tested document type definitions (DTD); convert schemas to DTDs
  • Negotiated with Real Networks to develop Real 10 for MAC OS X to better support products
  • Recorded, edited and developed audio/video online courses
  • Formatted content and work with vendors for Palm PDA instruction
  • Wrote technical documentation and narrative specification for quiz and instructional websites
  • Trained online coders/developers, content teams, and freelancers
  • Performed quality assurance (QA), and stress-test; proofread and edit finished content