Robin Naughton, PhD

A Visual Resume

Although the traditional resume/cv has a chronology, it is difficult to express overlapping work experiences in a way that shows multiple levels of engagement, particularly non-traditional and diverse paths.  As a reflective experiment, the traditional resume/cv is re-imagined in a way that turns chronology on its side.  It is a simple timeline that visually expresses work experiences sans bullet points.




Visualizing work experience in this way, one can see the career path that includes long-term and short-term work experiences that overlap each other.  This representation has only two stacks of work experiences, but the more overlap there is, the more stacks will be created to paint a fuller picture of one’s career timeline/path.  The inclusion of degree provides an opportunity to understand how education fits within the timeline and overall career path.  Additional information such as certifications, awards, etc. can be included to enhance the visual.  Ideally, the visual can become a substantial super graphic that tells a fuller story.

Another area of the resume that was re-imagined was the skills area.  Taking the list of words and making a word cloud provides a quick focus on the words that are of value.


Working provides opportunities to develop and learn many skills almost every day.  However, not all these skills move beyond the beginner’s stage.  The skills in the tag cloud represent mastery to expert level knowledge.

A simple visual resume could include a header and these two images.  Of course, when there’s a need, a more detailed resume could be provided and/or visualized.